Notice on the Recalibration of Percentiles

NIH’s Center for Scientific Review (CSR) maintains data on impact scores for R01 grant applications given by each permanent study section managed by CSR. These data form the basis for calculating percentile rankings for certain meetings and application types, and the percentile bases are recalibrated occasionally.
CSR is using an enhanced scoring chart for R01s this round, which is expected to result in better utilization of the entire 1-9 scoring scale. In an effort to ensure that applicants are not disadvantaged, study sections whose scores shift significantly will be allowed to reset the specific study section’s percentile base to include just the current council round.
Currently, CSR is adjusting the percentile bases for a number of permanent study sections and SEPs. On March 8, 2013, for applications that are reviewed in special emphasis panels (SEPs) this round and should be percentiled:
  • a percentile ranking will be assigned, calculated from the new percentile base,
  • revised summary statements will be issued for those applications missing percentile scores, and
  • the percentile ranking will appear in the Principal Investigator’s eRA Commons account.
Also See Follow-Up Notice on the NIGMS Feedback Loop:  CSR’s Percentiling Recalibration 
Center for Scientific Review
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Updated 4/10/2013