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AIDS Molecular and Cellular Biology Study Section [AMCB]

The AIDS Molecular and Cellular Biology [AMCB] Study Section reviews applications concerned with the molecular biology, cellular biology, structural biology, virology and genetics of HIV and related lentiviruses involving biochemical, pathophysiological and structural approaches. Emphasis is on molecular structure-function approaches to elucidating virus and host mechanisms of interaction and regulation.



  • Role of host gene products in virus infection and replication, including HIV host restriction factor interactions.
  • Mechanisms of viral evolution and fitness, and mechanisms of host resistance with an emphasis on virus-host cell responses.
  • Structure-function studies of virus and host gene products and their mechanisms of interaction.
  • Molecular biology and mechanisms of the establishment of viral latency.
  • Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of virus entry, genome integration, proviral transcription, and viral particle assembly and release.
  • Molecular and cellular studies relevant to cell-cell transmission of HIV and related lentiviruses.
  • Viral pathogenesis studies in animal models with an emphasis on non-primate models.

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