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Virology A & B Study Sections [VIRA & VIRB]

The Virology A and B [VIRA and VIRB] Study Sections both review applications addressing fundamental aspects of non-HIV and non-bacteriophage viral genetics, infection and replication; cellular and host responses to viral infections; prions as infectious agents, and mechanisms of disease pathogenesis in plants, animals, and humans. In general, applications with a focus on biophysics aspects of virology or structural biology will be assigned to VIRA and those addressing viral immunity will be assigned to VIRB.


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  • Cellular and molecular biology of viral replication: attachment and entry; gene expression and regulation; viral genome replication; viral assembly and maturation; egress.
  • Virus-host cell interactions: effects on signal transduction; host gene expression; cellular physiology and metabolism; production of interferons, cytokines and chemokines; cytopathology; apoptosis; autophagy.
  • Host responses to virus infection: identification of determinants of susceptibility or resistance; mechanisms of viral clearance; establishment of latency and persistence.
  • Viral determinants of disease: virulence and attenuation; viral tropism; spread within the host; transmission; mechanisms of immune evasion; viral variation and evolution; transformation and oncogenesis; effects of viral co-infection.
  • Viral etiology of chronic disease.
  • Identification of new molecular targets relevant to viral pathogenesis: genomics and proteomics; new approaches to identify cellular changes relevant to pathogenic mechanisms.
  • Animal models of infection.

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