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Molecular Oncogenesis Study Section [MONC]

The Molecular Oncogenesis [MONC] Study Section reviews applications that focus on the early molecular and cellular events that lead to immortalization and oncogenic transformation utilizing biochemical, cellular, and animal model systems, with more translational studies in human cells. The emphasis is on the transformation of the normal stem and/or differentiated cell to a cell fully capable of causing cancer. Applications using either embryonic stem cells or reprogrammed induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to study oncogenic cellular transformation are also covered by this study section.



  • Characterization of putative oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes or alterations in their expression, regulation, or function that may contribute to oncogenic transformation
  • Mechanisms and/or alterations in signal transduction and cell cycle pathways that may modulate or lead to oncogenic transformation
  • Mechanisms and/or alterations of protein stability that may contribute to oncogenic transformation including post-translation modifications such as ubiquitylation or sumoylation
  • Identification and characterization of oncogenic progenitor cells and transformation pathways

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