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Roster Index for Small Business and Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Study Section

Study Section Study Section Description SRO
CVRS-C (10) Cardiovascular Sciences Small Business SEP Chandler, Margaret
CVRS-H (11) Small Business: Respiratory Sciences Dirami, Ghenima
DKUS-L (11) Small Business: Nephrology Sahai, Atul
DKUS-N (10) Small Business: Digestive Sciences Garcia, Martha
ETTN-C (10) Small Business: Clinical Neurophysiology, Devices, Neuroprosthetics, and Biosensors Backman, Cristina
ETTN-G (12) Small Business: Aging and Development, Auditory, Vision and Low Vision Technologies Lee, Paek-Gyu
ETTN-M (11) Small Business: Drug Discovery for Aging, Neuropsychiatric and Neurologic Disorders Luo, Yuan
HDM-R (11) SBIR/STTR Informatics Jenkins, Melinda
IDM-U (10) Small Business: Non-HIV Anti-Infective Therapeutics Izumi, Kenneth
IDM-V (12) Small Business: Non-HIV Diagnostics, Food Safety, Sterilization/Disinfection, and Bioremediation Pandya, Gagan
IMM-R (10) Small Business: Innovative Immunology Research Keane-Myers, Andrea
IMM-R (12) Small Business: Non HIV Microbial Vaccines and Countermeasures Keane-Myers, Andrea
IMST-G (10) Small Business: Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Drug Discovery Ruvinov, Sergei
IMST-J (15) Small Business: Cell, Computational, and Molecular Biology DeBernardi, Maria
IMST-L (11) Small Business: Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Drug Discovery Smith, Vonda
IMST-M (13) Small Business: Basic and Integrative Bioengineering Filpula, David
IMST-S (12) Small Business: Basic and Integrative Bioengineering Sammak, Paul
MOSS-K (11) Oral, Dental, and Craniofacial Sciences SBIR/STTR Liu, Yi-Hsin
MOSS-Q (14) Skeletal Muscle related SBIR/STTR Ingraham, Richard
MOSS-S (10) Small Business: Orthopedic and Skeletal Biology Moonga, Baljit
MOSS-T (12) Small Business: Dermatology, Rheumatology and Inflammation Behera, Aruna
OTC-H (10) Small Business: Innovative Molecular Analysis Technology Hu, Zhang-Zhi
OTC-H (13) Small Business: Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments (CDT) Hu, Zhang-Zhi
OTC-R (11) Radiation Therapy and Biology SBIR/STTR Hong, Bo
OTC-T (10) Small Business: Cancer Drug Development and Therapeutics Topol, Lilia
RPHB-C (10) Small Business: Risk Prevention and Health Behavior Gutkin, Claire
RPHB-R (12) Small Business: Newman, John
SBIB-D (12) Small Business: Cardiovascular and Surgical Devices Wright, Donald
SBIB-Q (11) Small Business: Biomedical Sensing, Measurement and Instrumentation Xu, Guo Feng
SBIB-T (10) Small Business: Medical Imaging Tsap, Leonid
VH-F (10) Small Business: Hematology Shah, Bukhtiar