CSR Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) and the unique peer review system the National Institutes of Health (NIH) uses to identify the most promising research for treating, curing and preventing disease.
What We Do at CSR
CSR is the portal for NIH grant applications and their initial review for scientific merit. We organize the peer review groups or study sections that evaluate the majority (70%) of the research grant applications sent to NIH. Our mission is to see that NIH grant applications receive fair, independent, expert, and timely reviews -- free from inappropriate influences -- so NIH can fund the most promising research. 
Key Data -- Fiscal Year 2014
  • 86,000 applications received
  • 53,000 applications reviewed at CSR
  • 16,000 reviewers
  • 237 Scientific Review Officers
  • 1,500 review meetings
CSR Media Contact
Please contact CSR’s Director of Communications, Don Luckett, to discuss your needs or schedule an interview with another CSR official:  phone 301-435-1111 or e-mail luckettd@csr.nih.gov. 
NIH Media Contacts
For questions about NIH funding, programs and grants, please contact the NIH Office of Communications or the appropriate NIH Institute or Center.  The NIH Office of Extramural Research posts funding data and grant abstracts on its Web site.  
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