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Peer Review Notes May 2014

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The Center for Scientific Review publishes Peer Review Notes to inform our reviewers, NIH staff and others of news related to our grant application review policies, procedures and plans. (PDF Version)

How Will NIH’s New Application Resubmission Policy Affect Reviewers?

A photo of an open door to the main NIH administration building in Bethesda, MD.

NIH responded to a mountain of applicant requests by eliminating its “two-strikes-and-you’re-out” policy that allowed researchers only one resubmission if their initial grant application was unsuccessful. It is great news for applicants, but will reviewers and CSR be overwhelmed by more applications? More...

Enhancing Reproducibility and Rigor of Research Findings

A cartoon of the different researchers holding up similar test tubes with bubbles floating out of them.

NIH Principle Deputy Director Dr. Lawrence Tabak maps out what NIH is doing to enhance reproducibility and rigor of researching findings. More... 

New Efforts to Maximize Fairness in NIH Peer Review

An image of the logo and the text

CSR invites you to submit your ideas for identifying and addressing the sources of possible bias in peer review for two new American Competes Act Challenges. Learn about this and other efforts to maximize fairness in NIH peer review by going to the NIH Rock Talk blog. More... 

Maintaining Confidentiality in NIH Peer Review

An image with the word “Confidential” is spelled out in bold red letters on a black background.

Recent violations of NIH confidentiality rules and laws have moved NIH to remind reviewers and applicants how important for them to follow these rules and laws. More... 

Update on the New NIH Biosketch Format

A colorful drawing of a scientist at a drafting table that has bright images rising from it.

To help applicants and reviewers better focus on the applicant’s most important contributions to science, NIH is working to rollout a new biosketch format. More... 

Power of Peer Review:  Basic Research in Yeast May Yield New Approach to Treating Cancer

Photo of Dr. Valter Longo

Since the 1930s, scientists knew that calorie restriction could extend lifespans. How this happened was a mystery. In 2002, CSR reviewers saw great promise in a basic research application that proposed to study the mechanisms of longevity in yeast. More... 

How Can I Become a CSR Reviewer?

Photo of reviewers discussing applications around a table at a review meeting.

We’ve got the answer if you want to step up your career or if you want to do your part to help the best science flourish in the years ahead: become a CSR reviewer. More...