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Peer Review Notes Sep 2012

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The Center for Scientific Review publishes Peer Review Notes to inform our reviewers, NIH staff and others of news related to our grant application review policies, procedures and plans. (PDF Version)

How Well Is NIH Identifying and Advancing Innovative Research?

An image of the light bulb of innovation with the new NIH logo inside it

Check out the lively discussion we had on innovation and peer review with Dr. Sally Rockey, Director of the NIH Office of Extramural Research.  Her office oversees trans-NIH grant and review policies and practices. More...

Former Study Section Chairs Share Advice for New Reviewers

retired chairs :  Dr. Tracy Lieu, Dr. Larry S. Schlesinger, Dr. Laverne M. Carter, Dr. Jeffrey Skolnick, and Dr. Barbara Wolfe

With many new reviewers coming on board this round, we asked four retiring study section chairs to tell us the advice they would give to new reviewers. The nuggets they provided came from many years of combined experience as reviewers and chairs. More...

Make the Best Use of the “Additional Comments to Applicant” Box

An image of the Additional Comments to Applicant Box from the Public Health Service Grant Application

Though reviewers are advised not to help an applicant rewrite an application through their written critiques, the Additional Comments to Applicant” box was designed so reviewers may provide applicants with helpful information. We show examples of how you can do this. More...

Who Are the Other People in Your Review Meetings?

A photo of reviewers at a study section meeting with a NIH program officer sitting in the background

Reviewers sometimes see quiet visitors sitting on the sidelines at their study section meetings.  We explain why program staff from the NIH institutes and centers may come to your review meeting.  More...

New CSR Reviews for the NIH-FDA Collaboration on Tobacco Control Regulatory Research

An photo of a no-smoking sign

NIH and the Food and Drug Administration have established a collaboration to support research that will provide scientific evidence to guide the actions of the FDA Center for Tobacco Products Research.  CSR has been charged with coordinating the reviews of applications for this unique collaboration. More...