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Peer Review Notes Sep 2014

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The Center for Scientific Review publishes Peer Review Notes to inform our reviewers, NIH staff and others of news related to our grant application review policies, procedures and plans. (PDF Version)

New Webinars to Connect Applicants to NIH Peer Review Experts

Photo of scientists in a meeting room looking at a screen, which has the words “NIH Webinar” projected on it.

Pass the word to applicants and those who mentor them: the NIH Center for Scientific Review will host four Meet the Experts in NIH Peer Review Webinars in early November 2014 to give new NIH grant applicants and others useful insights into the submission and review processes. More...

CSR Is Facing a Surge in Applications

Photo of an ocean wave.

“Incoming applications surged about 14 percent after NIH removed limits on resubmitting the same research idea,” said CSR Director Dr. Richard Nakamura. “This keeps alive worthy ideas that would have been funded had the NIH budget kept up with inflation.” More...

Top 10 Things You Should Not Say in a Review

A cartoon image of a man’s head with a talk bubble coming out of his mouth.  In the bubble is a large red “X.”

“Our reviewers, chairs and scientific review officers do tremendous jobs,” said CSR Director Dr. Richard Nakamura. “They know what’s at stake, and the care and commitment they show is impressive. However, every once in a while we hear a reviewer say something that they shouldn’t.” More...

End of an Era: CSR Accepts the Last Paper Applications

An historic photo of boxes of paper applications piled up in a CSR store room.

After a monumental 10-year effort by NIH staff, the Center for Scientific Review accepted the last paper applications for NIH this past May. It was a day that passed quietly -- nothing like the good ole days More...

CSR Names Winners of its America COMPETES Challenges to Maximize Fairness in NIH Peer Review

An image that features the logo for the America COMPETE Act program.  Below the logo is the web address:

CSR recently named the winners of its two America COMPETE Act challenges to help identify new methods to detect bias in peer review and identify strategies to strengthen fairness and impartiality in peer review. More...

Big Data Centers Applications = Big Job for Reviewers and NIH

A blue lined, futuristic image of a person’s head with the words “Big Data” next to it

NIH recently launched an initiative to enable the biomedical research community to address the awesome opportunities and challenges of doing research with big biomedical and behavioral data sets. One critical step was to solicit applications for Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Centers of Excellence More...

Systematic Application Compliance Checking – What It Is and What It’s Not

A photo of a cat at a computer, which has the words “era Commons” on the screen.  Above the photo are the words “Why Don’t You Validate Me?”

Automated enforcement of business rules by NIH eRA systems plays an important role in the application submission process – it helps you and it helps NIH. Understanding what that role covers can be the difference between your application moving forward to review and not. More...