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 Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health Study Section [DIRH]

The Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (DIRH) Study Section reviews applications intending to bridge gaps between public health, clinical research, and everyday practice by building a scientific knowledge base about mechanisms whereby health information, interventions, and scientifically based clinical practices are adopted in public health and healthcare service use in a variety of settings.  The focus of the studies reviewed is on the transmission and implementation of knowledge from scientific discovery to transform healthcare delivery, improve health outcomes, and manage acute and chronic illness.



  • Studies of the organization, adoption, and integration of efforts to implement clinical interventions of demonstrated efficacy into practice for health care providers, patients, organizations, and communities.
  • Testing of strategies to translate evidence-based practices into healthcare delivery to improve healthcare processes and outcomes.
  • Approaches to identifying, understanding, and overcoming barriers to the adoption of evidence-based interventions that previous efficacy or effectiveness research has shown to be effective.
  • Development of outcome measures and methodologies for dissemination and implementation of approaches that accurately assess the success of an approach to move evidence into practice

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