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Dr. George Barnas

Dr. George Barnas

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Translational and Clinical Sciences DTCS
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences CVRS
Study Section:
Lung Cellular, Molecular and Immunobiology LCMI

Dr. George Barnas is the Scientific Review Officer for CSR’s Lung Cellular, Molecular, and Immunobiology Study Section (LCMI). After receiving his M.S. in animal science from the University of Nebraska, and his Ph.D. in physiology from the University of California at Davis, Dr. Barnas went on to do postdoctoral research at the Ruhr University in Germany, and at the Harvard School of Public Health. He then became a faculty member of the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center for 10 years, after which he joined the NIDCD as a Scientific Review Administrator before moving to CSR. Dr. Barnas’ research has included many areas of respiratory physiology, including control of breathing, lung mechanics, thermoregulation and comparative lung biology.