Dr. Weijia Ni

Dr. Weijia Ni

Scientific Review Officer


Division of AIDS, Behavioral and Population Sciences DABP
Risk, Prevention and Health Behavior RPHB

Dr. Weijia Ni is Chief of the Risk, Prevention and Health Behavior Integrated Review Group at the Center for Scientific Review.

He oversees nine regular and recurring study sections, providing peer reviews of applications for regular research projects, fellowships and small business and technology transfer grants, that cover a wide range of biological, psychological, cultural and social conditions and traits that affect the manifestation, prevention, treatment or management of physical and mental diseases and disorders. Prior to becoming Chief of the RPHB IRG, Dr. Ni served as Scientific Review Officer for CSR’s Language and Communication Study Section for 12 years and also served as a Referral Officer for 8 years assigning applications for review in the Biobehavioral and Behavioral Processes, and Risk Prevention and Health Behavior IRGs. Dr. Ni came to CSR from Yale University School of Medicine, where he studied speech and reading (dis)ability using functional neuroimaging, psychophysiological measurements, and computational modeling. He published findings on distinctive markers of syntactic and semantic processes in eye movement reading behavior, and in brain activation patterns. Dr. Ni completed post-doctoral training in research on speech disorders at Haskins Laboratories after receiving his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Connecticut. He is a member of the Academy of Aphasia, and his research on patients with severe brain damage demonstrated that language abilities could be retained or recovered, due largely to cerebral plasticity and functional connectivity.