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Dr. Joseph Mosca

Dr. Joseph Mosca

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Bioengineering Sciences and Technologies BST

Dr. Joe Mosca’s career spans over 36 years in academics, biotechnology companies, and government. He has made noted contributions in areas of infectious diseases; gene therapy; CD28 co-stimulation; and mesenchymal stem cells. He has authored >50 peer-reviewed publications, 9 book chapters, and is an inventor on 11 U.S. patents with >33,000 scientific citations.

Dr. Mosca received his Ph.D. in biochemistry at Temple University, completed a postdoctoral fellowship in oncology at Johns Hopkins, and earned an MBA degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. After 7 years at Hopkins with assistant professorships in oncology and infectious diseases, he joined the H.M. Jackson Foundation, where he continued with his gene therapy efforts in HIV/AIDS. In 1996, he moved from academia to biotechnology companies in tissue regeneration using adult mesenchymal stem cells and embryonic stem cells, and he aided the development of peptide-based HIV-entry inhibitors. In 2003, Dr. Mosca joined CSR as a Scientific Review Officer in the Infectious Diseases & Microbiology Integrated Review Group. He ran the Nanotechnology panel from 2007 to 2012.