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Dr. Richard Kostriken

Dr. Richard Kostriken

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Physiological and Pathological Sciences DPPS
Infectious Diseases and Immunology A IDIA
Study Section:
Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis Special Emphasis Panel ZRG1 IDIA (80)
Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis Special Emphasis PanelZRG1 IDIA (81)
Fellowships: HIV/AIDS BiologicalF17A
Innate Immunity and InflammationIII

Dr. Richard Kostriken is the Scientific Review Officer for CSR’s Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis Special Emphasis Panels (IDM- 80 and 81) Study Sections. He earned his Ph.D. from State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he studied the genetics and biochemistry of genomic rearrangements in bacteria and yeast. His postdoctoral work centered on understanding the regulation of embryonic development of invertebrate organisms. As a faculty member at New York Medical College, he conducted NIH-funded research into the genetic regulation of chromosome structure. Before coming to CSR, he worked in the San Francisco bay area as a senior scientist at a biotech company specializing in microbial metabolism.