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Dr. Mei Qin

Dr. Mei Qin

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Neuroscience, Development and Aging DNDA
Review Branch:
Emerging Technologies and Training in Neurosciences ETTN
Study Section:
Fellowships: Behavioral Neuroscience ZRG1 F02A

Mei Qin, M.D. and Ph.D., joined CSR from the intramural program in the National Institute of Mental Health, where she initially came to the NIH as a visiting postdoctoral fellow and later worked as a staff scientist in the Section on Neuroadaptation and Protein Metabolism. Her research focused on the mechanisms of and treatment for neurodevelopmental disorders, behavioral deficits, and drug addiction. Prior to work at the NIH, Dr. Qin was a pediatrician and physician-scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in China. She earned her M.D. at the Harbin Medical University and Ph.D in pediatrics from the Fudan University Shanghai Medical College in China.