What must I include with my application in order to be able to submit a video?

A cover letter indicating your intent to submit a video must be submitted with the application. (NOT-OD-12-141; NOT-OD-20-061).

Images/”stills” and a brief description of each video must be included within the page limits of the research strategy. There is no minimum number of images/”stills” required, but sufficient descriptive information, including images, must be provided so that reviewers will understand the information contained in the video you later submit, since not all reviewers may be able to access your video.

Although closed-captioning is not required, it may be included to assist reviewers in understanding your video.

If human subjects or personally identifiable information is presented in a video, the applicant organization is required to have appropriately consented and protected the human subjects. Submission of this material through the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) certifies acceptance of this responsibility (see submission requirement below).

Do I need to contact the SRO before I send video materials?

Yes. After the assignment of the application to a review group is visible in the eRA Commons, you should contact the SRO for that review group to discuss logistics for submission of any videos. Videos must be submitted in this manner and may not be embedded or hyperlinked from the application itself.

What is the deadline for submitting videos?

Videos that meet all of the above requirements may be submitted up to 30 calendar days before the peer review meeting. After that time, no video materials will be accepted.

What format is acceptable for videos?

Videos no longer need to be embedded in .pdf files. Acceptable formats are: .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv.

What happens to my video after it is submitted?

The SRO will view your video(s) and determine whether they are acceptable. You will be notified by the SRO about the status of the video. If the SRO has difficulty opening or viewing the video, the SRO may allow you one more chance to submit, if before the original deadline.

Once accepted, the video(s) will be uploaded by the SRO into the electronic grant folder where reviewers may access them. You should be able to access your video in the grant folder from your eRA Commons account. As with other grant materials, reviewers will be instructed to maintain confidentiality with video materials and not share those materials with others or download them to shared computers or drives.

After I submitted my video, I noticed an error and wanted to resubmit. Is this possible?

Once the video is in the grant folder, it cannot be removed. Therefore, be sure that your video is accurate and complete prior to submission. You will not be able to replace it.