Become A Reviewer

CSR welcomes researchers who volunteer to serve on our scientific review groups. There are three ways you can do this:

  • Contact a CSR Scientific Review Officer: If you are an established investigator, send your CV to a CSR Scientific Review Officer you know from having your applications reviewed or from having served as a reviewer in the past.
  • Check Out Our Early Career Reviewer Program: If you are an emerging researcher with an active, independent research program and you don’t have a major grant, consider applying for our Early Career Reviewer Program. This program may help jumpstart your career and prepare you to become an NIH reviewer.
  • Let Us Try to Find a Good Review Group for You: Send your CV to, and we will explore options for pairing you with an appropriate review group.

Who Are We Looking For?

When recruiting reviewers, we look for individuals who:

  • Have substantial and independent research experience
  • Have received major peer-reviewed grants (R01 or equivalent)
  • Understand the importance of the review process
  • Are dedicated to high quality, fair review

We also welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds to consider joining our review groups so that the panels are diverse with respect to geographic representation, gender, race, and ethnicity.

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