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Dr. Mark Caprara has been named Chief of the Interdisciplinary Molecular Sciences and Training (IMST) Integrated Review Group at the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR). He previously served as the Scientific Review Officer for CSR’s Biodata Management and Analysis and Instrumentation and Systems Development study sections.

Dr. Mark Caprara CSRNEWS“Mark’s broad scientific background and expertise in coordinating multidisciplinary reviews make him well-suited to lead this important, crosscutting IRG,” said Noni Byrnes, Acting Director of CSR. She noted that his solid grasp of review policy, combined with his mentoring skills and calm leadership style would serve him well in his new role.

Dr. Caprara will oversee IMST’s eight study sections that review NIH grant applications related to emerging technologies used to answer molecular questions and training applications in the molecular sciences. The breadth of fields covered include bioengineering, biochemistry, biophysics, cancer biology, cell biology, chemistry, molecular biology, and genetics. IMST review panels also review small business grant applications that have a scientific/ technological focus covered by IMST and CSR’s other molecular science Integrated Review Groups.

Dr. Mark Caprara earned his Ph.D. in biology from Temple University and conducted postdoctoral research at the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Texas, Austin. He then went to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was an assistant professor and researched the structural/functional relationships of proteins involved in the regulation of RNA processing. His lab also conducted research on mobile genetic elements.

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