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ECR Service Details

After you apply for the ECR Program, your CV will be vetted by one or more Scientific Review Officers (SRO) at CSR. You will be notified by email regarding your eligibility for the program. If accepted, your name and areas of expertise will be added to our ECR database.

For each review round, SROs may select one ECR to participate in each study section they conduct. If selected for consideration, you will be contacted directly by the SRO to further discuss your appropriateness for study section participation. Your inclusion in a review panel will be up to the judgment of the SRO. Therefore, it is important that you continue to strengthen your program of research, publish your work, and keep your CV and Commons account up to date.

Once assigned to a study section, you will receive training from an SRO on review procedures including how to write and upload critiques. You will be assigned 2 to 4 grant applications to review, but will attend a study section meeting and participate in the discussion of and voting for all applications. You can participate in no more than one study section per year and no more than twice total.

ECR Quick Facts
  • 98% of ECRs surveyed* found the experience to be useful.
  • 90% reported being in a better position to write their own grant applications.
*N=236 surveyed, 60% response rate

For additional questions about the ECR program, please send an email to