To qualify for the ECR Program you must:
  • Have 2 years experience as a full-time faculty member or researcher in a similar role. Post-Doctoral Fellows are not eligible, but may become eligible following completion of their training.
  • Show evidence of an active independent program of research. Some examples might include:
    • Publications & presentations from independent research projects
    • Institutional research support
    • Patents
    • Supervisor of student project
  • Have at least 2 recent senior authored research publications in peer-reviewed journals in the last 2 years.
    • In press publications are considered
    • Senior author could be single author, first author or last author position for supervisee publications
    • Literature reviews or letters to the editor are not included
    • Manuscript in preparation or under review are not considered
  • Have not served on a CSR study section in a role other than a mail reviewer or ARRA reviewer
    • Review committee service at other agencies is permitted
    • Review committee service at NIH Institutions and Centers other than CSR is permitted
    • Mail reviews include review of one or more applications without participation in a study section meeting
  • Current funding is not required. Conversely, anyone who has received an R01 award is over-qualified to serve as an ECR and could be considered as a temporary reviewer.

For additional questions about the ECR program, please send an email to CSREarlyCareerReviewer@mail.nih.gov.