All HIV/AIDS and AIDS-Related Research based Fellowship applications are reviewed in a Special Emphasis Panel.

The List of Reviewers lists all present, whether permanent or temporary, to provide the full scope of expertise present on that date. Lists are posted 30 days before the meeting and are tentative, pending any last minute changes.

Review Dates


  • Clinical and epidemiological aspects of HIV/AIDS.
  • Design, discovery, and development of therapeutics for HIV and AIDS-related diseases.
  • All aspects of the development of vaccines against HIV and related retroviruses
  • Host immune responses to and pathogenesis of HIV and related retroviruses.
  • Molecular biology, cell biology, structural biology, virology and genetics of HIV and related retroviruses.
  • Effects of HIV/AIDS on the nervous system and other organ systems.
  • Biological and behavioral effects of drug abuse in the context of HIV/AIDS.
  • Aspects of opportunistic infections in the context of HIV infections and AIDS and cancers associated with HIV and AIDS.
  • Psychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS prevention and care and management of HIV/AIDS.

Shared Interests and Overlaps