Scientific Review Officer

Reporting Avenues for Concerns Related to Integrity or Fairness

The Topics in Bacterial Pathogenesis Special Emphasis Panel (IDIA-80) will review a combination of R01, R21, and R03 grant applications in the general areas covered by the Bacterial Pathogenesis (BACP) study section. 

Review Dates


  • Genetic, biochemical and structural characterization of the regulation and determinants of virulence and pathogenicity, including: capsules, toxins, and supramolecular structures
  • Role of bacterial behavior and developmental processes in the host pathogen interaction, including: biofilms, chemotaxis, sporulation, and stress responses
  • Mechanisms of persistence and transmission
  • Ecology of bacterial pathogens including the composition of the indigenous microbiota and its role in health and disease
  • Animal models of infection with bacteria