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The Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure (SIEE) reviews applications related to the pharmacological and toxicological mechanisms of adverse outcomes that can occur in individuals and populations exposed to xenobiotics.  

The List of Reviewers lists all present, whether standing members or temporary, to provide the full scope of expertise present on that date. Lists are posted 30 days before the meeting and are tentative, pending any last minute changes.

Review Dates

Membership Panel

The membership panel is a list of chartered members only.


  • Mechanisms whereby environmental toxicant exposures contribute to disease pathogenesis (e.g., carcinogenesis) in model systems and humans, resulting in toxicological, pharmacological and epigenetic manifestations.
  • Development of animal and human tissue/organoid model systems for the purpose of studying environmental toxicant-induced systemic effects.
  • Molecular basis for susceptibility to environmental and pharmacological induced toxicity and disease (e.g., pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics) including alterations in microbiota.
  • Identification and validation of biomarkers of environmental toxicant-induced toxicity in animals, and humans.
  • Exposure biology and the use of transitional epidemiology studies to develop and use biomarkers of exposure, susceptibility and effect.
  • Molecular basis for intervention and prevention in at risk populations.

Shared Interests and Overlaps

There are shared interests with Xenobiotic and Nutrient Disposition and Action Study Section [XNDA]. Applications dealing with disposition (metabolism) and pharmacology of xenobiotics (not environmental toxicants) and supraphysiologic levels of nutrient and non-nutrient chemicals are reviewed by XNDA. Those involving environmental toxicants are reviewed by SIEE.

There are shared interests with Cancer Etiology (CE) related to environmental and pharmacological induced toxicity. Applications aiming to investigate environmental or xenobiotic factors contributing to the initiation of carcinogenesis may be reviewed in CE. Applications where the focus is on environmental or xenobiotic factors that contribute to other chronic diseases in addition to cancer may be reviewed in SIEE.

There are shared interests with Lung Injury, Repair and Remodeling Study Section [LIRR]. If the focus of the study is on the role of environmental toxicants (specifically tobacco smoke and other air pollutants) in causing lung injury and remodeling these studies may be reviewed in SIEE. Applications addressing adverse effects of environmental or other toxicants on the lung in the context of lung development, lung injury/repair, emphysema, and interstitial lung diseases such as sarcoidosis and asbestosis may be reviewed in LIRR

There are shared interests in the effects of environmental exposures on human health with Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (SEDH). Applications that focus on the pharmacological and toxicological mechanisms by which environmental toxicant exposures affect human disease pathogenesis are reviewed in SIEE. Applications that focus on characterizing the relationship between environmental exposures and human health outcomes at the population level are reviewed in SEDH. 

There are shared interests in the human exposome with Analytics and Statistics for Population Research Panel B (ASPB). Applications that emphasize exposure biology and the mechanisms underlying the effects of the human exposome are reviewed in SIEE. Applications that emphasize developing methodology to measure the human exposome will be reviewed in ASPB.