The Cardiovascular Sciences Small Business Activities[ZRG1 CVRS-A (12)] Special Emphasis Panel reviews small business grant applications related to the general areas of cardiac and circulatory system devices, therapies and diagnostics. Projects are included at all levels of organization ranging from in vitro cell and tissue model systems through whole organisms, including humans. The stages of product development included range from the basic development stage through the clinical research stage

The List of Reviewers lists all present, whether permanent or temporary, to provide the full scope of expertise present on that date. Lists are posted 30 days before the meeting and are tentative, pending any last minute changes.

Review Dates


  • Cardiology, cardiac function, heart failure, myocardial ischemia, reperfusion injury, stents, thrombosis/thrombolysis, imaging, monitoring systems
  • Electrophysiology, arrhythmias, sudden death, pacing, arrhythmia ablation
  • Cardiac and vascular surgery
  • Cell therapy and novel approaches to tissue repair/regeneration
  • Emergency medicine, resuscitation, laboratory medicine, clinical chemistry, biomarkers
  • Lipid disorders, atherosclerosis
  • Biomedical and tissue engineering, biomaterials
  • Gene therapy and gene delivery systems
  • Pharmacology, physiology

Shared Interests and Overlaps

Vascular and Hematology IRG [VH]  
Surgical Sciences, Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering IRG [SBIB]  
Interdisciplinary Molecular Sciences and Training (IMST) IRG