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AIDS Clinical Studies and Epidemiology Study Section [ACE]

The AIDS Clinical Studies and Epidemiology [ACE] Study Section reviews applications dealing with clinical and epidemiological aspects of HIV/AIDS and associated diseases in United States and international settings.



  • Natural history and cohort studies, incidence and prevalence of AIDS and clinical ramifications of opportunistic infections and infectious diseases such as TB, malaria, IRIS and hepatitis
  • Transmission, prevention measures, and long-term management of symptoms and disease of HIV infection in defined cohorts
  • Clinical studies that address diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS and associated complications and disease progression in children and adults.
  • Metabolic, pulmonary and cardiovascular consequences of HAART in aging HIV/AIDS populations.
  • Mother to child transmission/prevention in resource poor countries.
  • Clinical studies to evaluate the effectiveness of new diagnostics
  • Development of biostatistical tools for AIDS clinical trials including mathematical modeling of viral infection, transmission, and disease progression.

Shared Interests and Overlaps