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AIDS-Associated Opportunistic Infections and Cancer Study Section [AOIC]

The AIDS-associated Opportunistic Infections and Cancer [AOIC] Study Section reviews applications with research goals involving opportunistic infections and cancers relevant to AIDS. This includes basic research that explores co-infections of pathogens with HIV, infections or cancers in patients undergoing AIDS therapies, or opportunistic pathogens and cancers that are almost exclusively limited in medical importance to AIDS patients. The science encompasses pathogenesis, immune responses, and molecular characterization of AIDS-associated opportunistic pathogens and cancers. Applications should address the HIV/AIDS relevance to the research topic. Specific areas covered by AOIC are:



  • Molecular studies exploring HIV co-infections with pathogens and cancers including animal models of co-infections.
  • Basic research on opportunistic infections and cancers involving patients undertaking AIDS therapies.
  • Molecular, cellular, and tissue-based studies of pathogenesis of AIDS-associated opportunistic pathogens, including viral, fungal, parasitic and bacterial pathogens and animal models of AIDS-associated opportunistic infections.
  • Studies of HIV/AIDS-associated cancers, including animal models of AIDS associated cancers.
  • Studies on the immunology of AIDS-associated opportunistic pathogens.
  • Research on pathogens and cancers studied under immunocompromised situations that specifically relate to AIDS.
  • Discovery/identification of therapeutic targets for AIDS-associated opportunistic pathogens.

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