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Health Services Organization and Delivery Study Section [HSOD]

The Health Services Organization and Delivery (HSOD) study section reviews health services research studies that include multidisciplinary investigations of the organization, delivery, utilization, and outcomes of health services, including availability, access and acceptability; quality of care; costs and cost-effectiveness; comparative effectiveness; and financing of health care.  Clinical study settings include inpatient, outpatient, sub-acute, acute, community-based, rehabilitative, and long-term care.



  • Studies of supply and area market behaviors; health insurance; reimbursement and financing mechanisms; cost and economics of health care; analysis of claims data; cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis; and pharmacoeconomics.
  • Health services utilization; access to health care; studies of severity of illness; risk prediction and risk adjustment; and psychosocial and economic factors related to health care.
  • Healthcare organization characteristics, performance, programs, efficiency, and delivery of services; including those delivered in non-traditional settings; integrated care delivery systems; disease management and modeling; measures of quality of care and quality of life; clinician and hospital performance measures; healthcare provider and health care delivery system characteristics.
  • Healthcare quality, effectiveness, and outcomes; pharmacovigilance; aggregate treatment and prevention outcomes; health status and patient outcomes assessment; and development of clinical prediction rules.

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