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Small Business: Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biophysics, and Assay Development [IMST (10)]

This special emphasis panel reviews small business applications in the general area of biological chemistry, chemistry, biophysics, and assay development.



  • Advancements in instrumentation and methods for bioanalytical and biophysical measurements (e.g. mass spectrometry, magnetic resonance, crystallography, spectroscopy)
  • Development of instrumentation and systems for proteomics and protein analysis
  • Technological advancements in purification, separations, and large-scale synthesis
  • Technologies and methods for high-throughput and high-content applications (not cell-based)
  • Immunological, enzymatic, or oligonucleotide sensors and reporters for bioassays and diagnostics
  • New technologies for molecular separations and screens, immunoassays, chemical reactions, and molecular detection
  • Polymers, membranes, surfaces, or microfluidics for biological separations and assays
  • Novel materials, labels and reagents, molecular probes, reporter systems, and surface chemistries

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Keywords: spectroscopy, chromatography, immunoassays, mass spectrometry, NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance, DNP, molecular separations, electrophoresis, molecular detection, spectroscopic, crystallography, structural biology, synthetic biology, high-throughput, biochemistry, biological chemistry, biophysics, analytical chemistry, arrays, protein arrays, assay design, HTS, screening, screen development.