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Cancer Biomarkers Study Section [CBSS]

The Cancer Biomarkers Study Section reviews applications on the discovery, development, and validation of diagnostic biomarkers for early detection of cancers. The study section will also review applications on the discovery, development and small scale validation of prognostic markers. of cancer progression, recurrence, and response of therapy.



  • Strategies for discovering novel cancer biomarkers potentially associated with patient outcomes
  • Employment of specific analytical techniques and/or global molecular profiling assays to identify novel biomarkers (DNA, RNA, protein, lipids, or metabolites) obtained from tumor tissue or bodily fluids
  • Early detection of cancer, monitoring of its progression or response to therapy using available medical imaging approaches including but not limited to MRI, PET, MRS, fluorescence, and immunohistochemical assays
  • Validation of new biomarkers using animal models and human materials
  • Development of novel methods for biostatistical analysis, informatics, and modeling that facilitate the discovery, evaluation, and use of markers

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