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Roster Index for Small Business and Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Study Section

Notice of NIH Policy to All Applicants:  Meeting rosters are provided for information purposes only.  Applicant investigators and institutional officials must not communicate directly with study section members about an application before or after the review.  Failure to observe this policy will create a serious breach of integrity in the peer review process, and may lead to actions outlined in NOT-OD-14-073 and NOT-OD-15-106, including removal of the investigator's application from immediate review.

Study Section Study Section Description SRO
AARR (10) Small Business: HIV/AIDS Innovative Research Applications Rubert, Mark
BCMB (10) Small Business: Drug Discovery and Development Ruvinov, Sergei
BST (10) Small Business: Biomaterials, Delivery, and Nanotechnology Rosenzweig, Nitsa
CVRS (10) Small Business: Cardiovascular Sciences Chandler, Margaret
CVRS (11) Small Business: Respiratory Sciences Carstea, Eugene
CVRS (12) Small Business: Cardiovascular Sciences Activities SEP Carstea, Eugene
DKUS (10) Small Business: Digestive Sciences Garcia, Martha
DKUS (11) Small Business: Renal and Urological Sciences Sahai, Atul
EMNR (10) Small Business: Diabetes, Metabolism, Nutrition and Obesity Cheng, Clara
ETTN (10) Small Business: Clinical Neurophysiology, Devices, Neuroprosthetics and Biosensors Backman, Cristina
ETTN (11) Small Business: Drug Discovery for Aging, Neuropsychiatric and Neurologic Disorders De Sousa, Aurea
ETTN (12) Small Business: Aging, Auditory, Vision and Low Vision Technologies Lee, Paek-Gyu
ETTN (13) Small Business: Neuroscience Assay, Diagnostics and Animal Model Development Gillmor, Susan
HDM (11) Small Business: Health Informatics Ferguson, Yvonne
IDM (10) Small Business: Non-HIV Anti Infective Therapeutics Kaushik-Basu, Neerja
IDM (12) Small Business: Non-HIV Diagnostics, Food Safety, Sterilization/Disinfection, and Bioremediation Pandya, Gagan
IMM (10) Small Business: Innovative Immunology Research Keane-Myers, Andrea
IMM (12) Small Business: Non-HIV Microbial Vaccine Development Keane-Myers, Andrea
IMST (10) Small Business: Biological Chemistry, Biophysics, and Assay Development Smith, Vonda
IMST (12) Small Business: Instrumentation, Environmental, and Occupational Safety Belanger, Marie-Jose
IMST (14) Small Business: Computational, Modeling, and Biodata Management Richon, Allen
IMST (15) Small Business: Cell and Molecular Biology Wernimont, Amy
MOSS (10) Small Business: Orthopedic and Skeletal Biology Ansari, Aftab
MOSS (12) Small Business: Dermatology, Rheumatology and Inflammation Kumar, Rajiv
MOSS (14) Small Business: Skeletal muscle diseases, disorders and injuries Ingraham, Richard
MOSS (15) Small Business: Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Sciences Nurminskaya, Maria
OTC-H (13) Small Business: Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments (CDT) Hu, Zhang-Zhi
OTC-H (14) Small Business: Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments (CDT) Hu, Zhang-Zhi
OTC-R (11) Small Business: Radiation Therapy and Biology Hong, Bo
OTC-T (10) Small Business: Cancer Drug Development and Therapeutics Topol, Lilia
OTC-Y (10) Small Business: Development of Cancer Therapeutics Chatterjee, Malaya
RPHB (10) Small Business: Risk, Prevention and Health Behavior McQuestion, Michael
RPHB (12) Small Business: Psycho/Neuropathology, Life Span Development, and STEM Education Femia, Elia
SBIB (10) Small Business: Medical Imaging Tsap, Leonid
SBIB (11) Small Business: Biomedical Sensing, Measurement and Instrumentation Gorshkova, Inna
SBIB (12) Small Business: Cardiovascular and Surgical Devices Li, Jan
VH (10) Small Business: Vascular and Hematology Shah, Bukhtiar