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AIDS and Related Research IRG [AARR]

The AARR IRG reviews applications in all areas of basic, translational, clinical and behavioral aspects of HIV/AIDS research They include studies on AIDS-associated opportunistic infections and cancers, molecular biology and virology of HIV and related retroviruses, immunology and pathogenesis of HIV and related retroviruses, epidemiology and clinical studies of HIV and associated diseases, discovery, design and evaluation of therapeutics, development of vaccines, effects of HIV/AIDS on the nervous system and HIV associated neurocognitive disorders, behavioral and social science approaches to preventing HIV/AIDS, and behavioral and social consequences of HIV infection and AIDS.

Study Sections


All AIDS-related grant applications are reviewed on an expedited cycle as mandated by Congress, and are therefore reviewed by one of the study sections or by Special Emphasis Panels within the AARR IRG. For applications to be eligible for expedited review they must address research goals that are relevant to HIV/AIDS. Applications focusing on opportunistic pathogens and cancers must make a clear connection between the goals of their study and AIDS. AIDS-related applications that may be appropriate for review by another CSR study sections are not referred there due to the differences in the receipt and review dates within the review cycle.