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Bioengineering, Technology, and Surgical Sciences Study Section [BTSS]

The Bioengineering, Technology, and Surgical Sciences (BTSS) Study Section reviews grant
applications in the interdisciplinary fields of surgery and bioengineering to develop innovative medical instruments, materials, processes, implants, and devices to diagnosis and treat disease and injury. Within BTSS there is a balance between basic, translational, and clinical research and application and development of emerging cross-cutting technologies relevant to the cardiac system



  • Development of advanced tools and techniques, including the design, construction, and function of cellular and tissue-engineered constructs, stem cells, vascular and vein grafts.
  • Design, development and evaluation of medical devices using animal models and pre-clinical human studies, including endo-surgical procedures, catheter-based surgery, minimally invasive surgery, microsurgical procedures, and robotics.
  • Development of therapeutic implantable devices, including delivery systems for drug delivery as well as the delivery of nano-molecules and bio-molecules..
  • Fluid mechanics studies of circulation, microcirculation, and transport systems. Biomechanics, computational fluid dynamics, hemodynamics, mathematical modeling, simulation, ventricular remodeling, tissue and organ mechanics and the mechanics of injury.
  • Sensors, biosensors, sensing, laser, acoustics, MEMS, microarrays, imaging, and nanotechnology.

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