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SAT - Surgery, Anesthesiology, and Trauma Study Section

The Surgery, Anesthesiology, and Trauma Study Section (SAT) reviews applications examining the complementary disciplines of surgery and anesthesiology, traumatic and acute injury, and surgical critical care. Sepsis and injury studies reviewed by SAT often address the host response to such complex insults as trauma, severe infection, or surgical stress, with a general focus on metabolic, hormonal, cellular, or immune responses of the host to these various insults. SAT also reviews applications examining the basis of interventions including mechanisms of anesthesia/analgesia, wound repair, organ recovery, and cellular and immunological therapies. Topics related to anesthesiology and surgical critical care are comprehensively reviewed.



  • Tissue, organ and systemic injury responses to surgery, trauma, burn, sepsis, hemorrhage, ischemia-reperfusion, or resuscitation, mechanisms of host response. including integrating pathways and signals
  • Modeling, pathogenesis and therapeutic interventions for shock and multiple organ failure, and for hypoxic or oxidative cell/tissue injury and stress-induced cellular turnover and repair
  • Skin and integument wound healing, including tissue/organ regeneration, and remodeling of damaged tissues, and novel therapeutic interventions for maintenance or restoration of tissue function.
  • Mechanisms of action and pharmacology of general and local anesthetics, and pain management, including general and local anesthesia, and anesthetic side effects
  • Surgical approaches to organ/tissue-specific disease, injury, or repair including minimally invasive approaches and transluminal surgery
  • Genetic and epigenetic determinants of response to injury or sepsis; and genetic, epigenetic, or pharmacologic approaches for treatment

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