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Genomics, Computational Biology and Technology Study Section [GCAT]

The Genomics, Computational Biology and Technology [GCAT] Study Section reviews applications involving global and integrative analyses of biological systems, and the development of new computational algorithms and statistical methodology as applied to genomic studies.



  • Generation, analysis, and mining of large data sets: genetic, epigenetic, biochemical, gene expression, metabolic, proteomic, microarrays, genome sequencing, comparative genomics.
  • Large-scale genomic, genetic and epigenetic resources: collections of mutant strains and lines, tagged genes, small molecule probes, model organism systems for genetic, genomic or high throughput analyses, high throughput genetic and epigenetic technologies, classification and annotation systems for genetic and epigenetic data including data storage, databases, and user interfaces.
  • Development and application of emerging genomic and epigenomic technologies to cellular, metabolic or disease pathways.  
  • Computational and mathematical representation and simulation of genetic systems: genetic and biochemical networks, genetic and epigenetic systems biology, signaling pathways, physiological or metabolic systems, integration of data sets.
  • Development of new statistical genetic methods and computational algorithms and software.

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