Division of Physiological and Pathological Sciences DPPS
Review Branch:
Kidney, Urology, and Digestive Systems KUDS
Study Section:
Clinical, Integrative and Molecular Gastroenterology CIMG

Dr. Jonathan Ivins serves as Chief of the Kidney, Urology, and Digestive Systems Review Branch (KUDS RB).

Dr. Ivins received his Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. After postdoctoral work at CalTech, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UC Irvine, he became an assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center where his lab studied signal transduction pathways regulating axon outgrowth and growth cone guidance. Research focused on the regulation of interactions between neurons and the extracellular matrix by cyclic nucleotides and small GTPases, and whether strategies based on promoting such interactions contribute to regeneration and ultimately recovery of function following traumatic injuries to the brain and spinal cord.


Last updated: 12/01/2023 14:24