Study Section Study Section Description Scientific Review Officer
AN (11) Small Business: Drug Discovery for Aging, Neuropsychiatric and Neurologic Disorders Dr. Kathryn Partlow
BBBT (10) Small Business: Biomaterials, Delivery, and Nanotechnology Dr. David Filpula
BP (10) Small Business: Biobehavioral Processes Dr. Jeanne McCaffery
CCHI (10) Small Business: Small Business: Clinical Care and Health Interventions Dr. Jennifer Di Noia
CDPT (12) Cancer Biotherapeutics Development (CBD) SBIR/STTR SEP Dr. Laurie Shuman Moss
CDPT (13) Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments (CDT) SBIR/STTR SEP Dr. Victor Panchenko
CTH (10) Cancer Drug Development and Therapeutics (CDDT) SBIR/STTR SEP Dr. Lilia Topol
CTH (11) Radiation Therapy, Radiation Biology and Nanoparticle Based Therapeutics (RTBN) SBIR/STTR SEP Dr. Jennifer Sanders
DCAI (10) Small Business: Applied Immunology and Vaccine Development Dr. Dayadevi Jirage
DCAI (12) Small Business: Anti-Infective Therapeutics Dr. Marcus Ferrone
DCAI (13) Small Business: Microbial Diagnostics, Detection and Decontamination Dr. Velasco Cimica
EMS (10) Small Business: Diabetes, Metabolism, Nutrition and Obesity
EMS (11) Reproductive Sciences Small Business SEP
HSS (10) Small Business: Health Services and Systems Dr. Michael McQuestion
HSS (11) Small Business: Health Informatics Dr. Michael McQuestion
ISB (10) Small Business: Medical Imaging Dr. Krystyna Szymczyk
ISB (11) Small Business: Biomedical Sensing, Measurement and Instrumentation Dr. Steven Ripp
ISB (12) Small Business: Cardiovascular and Surgical Devices Dr. Willard Wilson
IVBH (10) Small Business: Vascular and Hematology
IVBH (11) Small Business: Cardiovascular Sciences Activities SEP Dr. Dmitri Gnatenko
KUDS (10) Small Business: Digestive Sciences Dr. Santanu Banerjee
KUDS (11) Small Business: Renal and Urological Sciences Dr. Santanu Banerjee
MBBC (10) Small Business: Drug Discovery and Development Dr. Sergei Ruvinov
MCST (10) Small Business: Biological Chemistry, Biophysics, and Assay Development Dr. John Laity
MCST (12) Small Business: Instrumentation, Environmental, and Occupational Safety Dr. Joonil Seog
MCST (14) Small Business: Computational, Modeling, and Biodata Management Dr. Marie-Jose Belanger
MCST (15) Small Business: Cell and Molecular Biology Dr. Megan Goodall
MCST (19) Small Business: SBIR/STTR Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP) Program Dr. Allen Richon
MSOS (10) Small Business: Orthopedic and Skeletal Biology Dr. Aftab Ansari
NV (10) Small Business: Clinical Neurophysiology, Devices, Neuroprosthetics and Biosensors Dr. Cristina Bäckman
NV (12) Small Business: Aging, Auditory, Vision and Low Vision Technologies Dr. Barbara Mallon
NV (13) Small Businesses: Neuroscience Assays, Diagnostics, Instrumentation and Interventions Dr. Thomas Zeyda
NV (14) Small Business: Drug Discovery for Aging, Neuropsychiatric and Neurologic Disorders Dr. Lai Yee Leung
RCCS (11) Small Business: Respiratory Sciences Dr. Imoh Okon
SCIL (10) Small Business: Social and Community Influences across the Lifecourse Dr. David Pollio