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This special emphasis panel reviews small business applications in the general area of computation, modeling, and biodata management, with a dominant focus in computational and mathematical sciences.

Review Dates


  • Bioinformatics, computational, and systems biology, metabolic and network modeling
  • Software and system engineering
  •  Ontologies, text mining, neural networks, pattern recognition, and expert systems
  •  Technologies and methods for imaging processing, data analysis, data management,   data modeling, and data mining
  •  Big-data analytics

Shared Interests and Overlaps

There are shared interests with Drug Discovery and Development (BCMB (10)) and Drug Discovery for Aging, Neuropsychiatric and Neurologic Disorders (ETTN (11)) Applications proposing to apply computational techniques to the discovery and development of new drugs may be assigned to BCMB (10) or ETTN (11). Applications that are focused on the general topics of software development for molecular simulations, cheminformatics analysis, and data modeling may be assigned to IMST (14).

There are shared interests with Biomedical Imaging (SBIB (10)). Applications proposing to develop software for whole-animal, pre-clinical, and clinical image processing may be assigned to SBIB (10). Applications proposing software for high-resolution image processing at a smaller scale may be assigned to IMST (14).

There are shared interests with Microbial Diagnostics and Detection of Infectious Agents, Food and Waterborne Pathogens, and Methods in Microbial Sterilization, Disinfection, and Bioremediation (AIDC (13)). in the areas of quantitative microbial detection. Applications that focus on advancing bioinformatic, computational and modeling technologies for microbial detection may be reviewed in IMST (14), whereas applications that apply existing technologies may be assigned to AIDC (13).

There are shared interests between the small business panels in the Molecular and Cellular Sciences and Technologies Review Branch (MCST 10, 12, 14, and 15) and Small Business: Clinical Care and Health Interventions (CCHI 10) in the development of devices and technologies. Applications are reviewed in MCST if they are related to disease-agnostic diagnostic technologies (MCST-10) classification systems (MCST-14), sensors and imaging devices (MCST-12) and genomics technologies (MCST-15). Applications are reviewed in CCHI 10 if they involve the use of biomedical engineering to influence health risks and behaviors.

There are shared interests between Small Business: Health Services and Systems (HSS 10) and MCST 14 in the study of technological methods that involve computational, biostatistical, and biomedical datasets. Applications are reviewed in MCST 14 if the dominant focus is on computational and mathematical sciences, imaging analysis methods, and system biology. Applications are reviewed in HSS 10 if they involve development or refinement of a statistical or technological method for clinical decision support.