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Bioengineering Sciences and Technologies IRG (BST)

Reviews applications that focus on fundamental aspects of bioengineering and technology development.

Genes, Genomes and Genetics IRG (GGG)

Reviews applications on fundamental and applied aspects of genes, genomes, and genetics of humans and other organisms.

Oncology 1 – Basic Translational IRG (OBT)

Reviews applications involving basic and translational investigations that encompass cancer initiation, promotion, progression, and metastasis.

Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular Biophysics IRG (BCMB)

Reviews research applications on biochemical, biophysical, and chemical approaches to biomedical problems.

Interdisciplinary Molecular Sciences and Training IRG (IMST)

Reviews crosscutting applications that focus either on the application of emerging technologies to molecular questions or on training in molecular sciences.

Cell Biology IRG (CB)

Reviews research applications that focus broadly on the study of fundamental cell biological processes, including the functions, interactions and regulation of cells and cellular organelles.