Ms. MonaLisa Lynch

Ms. MonaLisa Lynch

Deputy Ethics Counselor


Office of the Director – OD

Ms. Lynch leads the center’s ethics program. She oversees a staff of ethics professionals who are the first line of contact for employees.  Ms. Lynch works with both employees and supervisors to ensure employee compliance with ethics rules, regulations, and policies, and the prevention or resolution of conflicts of interest. She and her team also provide education and guidance to employees on a variety of ethics and political activity topics. Ms. Lynch began her NIH career in 2011 as CSR’s Ethics Coordinator. She became the center’s Deputy Ethics Counselor in March 2014, and has served as its Ethics Officer since July 2015. 


Prior to joining CSR, Ms. Lynch served as the Ethics Officer for the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). In that capacity, she was responsible for administering and managing a comprehensive ethics program for MSHA nationwide. She provided advisory services concerning various aspects of ethics and conflicts of interest matters. During her tenure at MSHA, she also served as a senior specialist, providing advisory services to management officials on labor and employee relations matters. Ms. Lynch has been leading, advising, and training on the statutes and regulations governing ethical conduct in the federal government since 2000. Ms. Lynch earned a B.S. in management from University of the Potomac, and a M.A. in law from Regent University.


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