Dr. Natalia Komissarova

Dr. Natalia Komissarova

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Translational and Clinical Sciences DTCS
Review Branch:
Integrative Vascular Biology and Hematology IVBH
Study Section:
Atherosclerosis and Vascular Inflammation AVI

Dr. Natalia Komissarova spent more than 15 years at the intramural program of the NIH; prior to that, she worked in the Public Health Research Institute, New York. She received her Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Moscow State University (Russia). Dr. Komissarova’s research focused on fundamental processes of transcription regulation in bacteriophage, bacteria, yeast, and mammals. She revealed important aspects of the structure of the transcription elongation complex of RNA polymerase and elucidated the mechanisms of transcription pausing and termination. She also studied epigenetic control of higher-order chromatin assembly and processes regulating major histocompatibility complex class I genes. Her research resulted in a paradigm shifting discovery of the mechanism of transcriptional arrest shown to be involved in developmental and homeostatic genetic programs.


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