Dr. Aurea De Sousa

Dr. Aurea De Sousa

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Neuroscience, Development and Aging DNDA
Review Branch:
Aging and Neurodegeneration AN

Dr. Aurea Sousa has a technical background in Chemistry and early career experience in bench-to-pilot-to-implementation of biological solutions to environmental problems emerging in petroleum stations throughout Brazil (CENPES/DITER/SEBIO). Dr. Sousa holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry (Universidade de São Paulo) and has postdoctoral training in cell biology of molecular motors and neurobiology of septate junctions at the paranodes of myelinated axons (University of North Carolina). Following her postdoctoral training, she integrated her fields of knowledge through studies on both molecular motors transport of cargoes in stereocilia of auditory hair cells and on the function of septate junctions in structural maintenance of calyceal synapses in the vestibular system (NIDCD/NIH). Before joining the CSR, Dr. Sousa participated in the proof of concept and implementation of the Live Tumor Culture Core at the University of Miami.


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