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Dr. Sulagna Banerjee

Dr. Sulagna Banerjee

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences DBIB
Oncology – Basic Translational OBT

Dr. Sulagna Banerjee received her Ph.D. in life sciences from Bose Institute, Jadavpur University, India. She then did her postdoctoral research on glycosylation of parasitic protozoa in Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at Boston University, MA. She went on to University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, to study mechanisms of resistance in pancreatic and other cancers as an assistant professor at Division of Basic and Translational Research, Department of Surgery. Her research showed altered metabolic pathways in pancreatic tumor initiating cells mediate chemoresistance in this disease. Prior to joining CSR, she was an associate professor at Department of Surgery, University of Miami, FL, expanding her work on therapy resistance in cancer to understand how metabolic pathways in different tumors can be exploited to sensitize them to chemo- and immune therapy. She also investigated how metabolic interaction between the tumor and its microenvironment can affect interacting signaling pathways contributing to therapy resistance.