Dr. Allison Kurti

Dr. Allison Kurti

Scientific Review Officer


Division of AIDS, Behavioral and Population Sciences DABP
Review Branch:
Epidemiology and Population Health EPH
Study Section:
Neurological, Mental and Behavioral Health NMBH
Population-based Research in Infectious Disease (PRID)PRID

Dr. Allison Kurti completed her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from University of Florida, after which she held positions in both academia as a research assistant professor at the University of Vermont, and within the government as a health scientist for the Center for Tobacco Products. Additionally, she completed a detail at the office of the HHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs assisting with research for a COVID-19 public education campaign. Dr. Kurti’s research background and areas of expertise include behavioral approaches to improving health, incorporating technology in health-based behavioral interventions, and both tobacco control and tobacco regulatory science approaches to reducing tobacco use among vulnerable populations.


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