1. Failing to appreciate that submission is a multi-step process

2. Submitting your application at the last minute

3. Not using the right application form

4. Not paying close attention to the instructions

5. Submitting an incomplete application

6. Overstuffing your application

7. Submitting a new application but referring to previous review outcomes or criticism

8. Using a small font

You should prepare your submission well ahead of the application deadline. Your institution must have all the required registrations completed at the time of application submission. All applications must be submitted to a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). You will need to find one that fits your application. Download the application package from that FOA and follow all the instructions in the FOA when you are preparing your application. It is your responsibility to view your application and track its progress through the system. NIH and CSR first see your application after it clears Grants.gov.