There are many benefits to serving on a scientific review group.  


Service often allows reviewers to submit their own proposals on more relaxed deadlines.

  • For many Funding Opportunity Announcements, service allows reviewers to submit their own proposals up to two weeks late.  See Guide Notice NOT-OD-15-039 for details.
  • Reviewers with extensive recent review service can often submit at anytime, proposals that would otherwise have a standard due date.  


Serving on a review group can be enlightening. 

  • It helps reviewers appreciate how to craft a solid proposal.
  • It's intellectually stimulating to see new ideas and approaches to major problems.
  • Service is an excellent way to stay up to date in your field and gain insights from other fields that might be applicable.
  • Being on a review group is a great way to meet new colleagues and sometimes leads to new collaborations.


Serving on a scientific review group is an important way to contribute to the scientific community.  In order to provide fair, high quality peer review, we depend on the willingness of scientists to commit the time to serve on a review group.