Dr. Alexander Yakovlev

Dr. Alexander Yakovlev

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Neuroscience, Development and Aging DNDA
Review Branch:
Clinical Neuroscience CN
Study Section:
Brain Injury and Neurovascular Pathologies BINP

Dr. Alexander Yakovlev obtained his Ph.D. degree in neuroscience from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Prior to coming to NIH, Dr. Yakovlev was an associate professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Georgetown University Medical Center. At Georgetown he served as a member of the Center for Neural Injury and Recovery and of the Molecular Targets and Developmental Therapeutics Program at the Lombardi Cancer Center. Additionally, he was involved in the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience and served in the Institutional Radiation and Biosafety Committees. Dr. Yakovlev is an author of 60 scientific articles and book chapters; his research has been primarily focused on TBI, SCI, and general cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal death and regeneration.


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