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IRG Summary

Investigations appropriate for review in the BDCN IRG may include those using animal models of neural injury or disease, investigations based on the study of specific patient populations, or investigations focused on the development of rehabilitative and therapeutic strategies. Specific areas of interest include the investigation of traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, the consequences of episodes of ischemia or hypoxia, the study of mental disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and other neuropathies. These specific areas of interest may be studied from the perspective of neuroanatomical or neurophysiological alterations, changes in neurotransmitter or neurotrophin function or metabolism, the genetic, cellular, or molecular basis of alterations induced by disease or injury, the influence or involvement of the immune or vascular systems in a neural disease process or response, and the neurological basis of addictive, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional disorders.

In addition to this IRG, the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Neuroscience [MDCN] and Integrative, Functional, and Cognitive Neuroscience [IFCN] IRGs within CSR focus on the review of neuroscience-related applications, and the Biobehavioral and Behavioral Processes [BBBP] IRG also has some shared interests with the BDCN IRG. Please see the descriptions and shared interest statements of these IRGs for a complete description of their review venues.