Dr. Richard Ingraham

Dr. Richard Ingraham

Scientific Review Officer


Division of Translational and Clinical Sciences DTCS
Review Branch:
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Oral Sciences MSOS
Study Section:
Fellowships: Musculoskeletal, Rehabilitation and Skin Sciences F10B

Dr. Richard Ingraham received his Ph.D. degree in biochemistry at the University of Iowa. His graduate work focused on biophysical aspects of skeletal muscle regulatory proteins. His post-doctoral work was at the University of Alberta and involved examination of additional aspects of muscle regulation using peptide and protein chemistry approaches. He next joined Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, where he worked for many years on drug discovery projects ranging from virology (the AIDS drug Viramune) to inflammatory and autoimmune diseases before joining the Cardiovascular Disease Department to work on projects in atherosclerosis and hypertension. Dr. Ingraham has 30 research publications and is an inventor on 7 patents/patent applications. Prior to joining CSR, he was a visiting assistant professor of biochemistry at Quinnipiac University.


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