Dr. Chee Lim


Review Branch Summary

The Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Oral Sciences Review Branch is led by Dr. Chee Lim. MSOS will consider research applications that address structural systems that are prerequisite for physical form, mechanical function, movement, and integrity of the body. These structural systems and their components are the basis for the organization of the study sections of this Review Branch and are described according to the following topical areas: skeleton, spine, bone, connective tissue, extracellular matrix, and their related diseases/disorders; dental/oral and craniofacial and their related diseases/disorders; skeletal muscle, limb, and their related diseases/disorders; joints and their related diseases/disorders, including rheumatic diseases; skin and its related diseases/disorders. Autoimmune diseases are specifically included. For these topical areas, the studies considered range from molecular genetics and stem cell research to animal models and clinical trials. For each major topical area, the research applications may include studies of: basic biology, including growth, development, maturation, and aging; biomaterials for prostheses/orthotics and implants; pathogenesis and therapeutics; physical rehabilitation; exercise; mechanobiology/biomechanics; injury and repair, including adaptation, plasticity, degeneration, and regeneration; diagnostic markers and biomarkers; cell and gene-based therapies; and clinical outcomes and trials. ​​



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