Dr. Mark Lindner

Dr. Mark Lindner

AIAB Acting Branch Chief


Division of Planning, Analysis, and Information Management DPAIM

Mark D Lindner, PhD, became CSR’s Director of the Office of Planning, Analysis and Evaluation (OPAE) in September of 2016.

Before that, he served for 6 years as the Scientific Review Officer for several of CSR’s study sections, including small business applications; Adult Psychopathology and Disorders of Aging; Biobehavioral Regulation, Learning and Ethology; and most recently, Cognition and Perception. CSR’s OPAE provides data, analysis and evaluations of the peer review of NIH grant applications for special projects, inquiries and Advisory Council activities. Dr. Lindner received his Ph.D. in biopsychology from the University of Texas at Austin. After postdoctoral training, he spent almost 20 years managing and coordinating drug discovery research in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and as a consultant with McArthur and Associates GmbH, in Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Lindner has published numerous papers that discuss how scientific research can be evaluated, conducted and managed to increase scientific productivity and the rate of progress. His interests range from the reductionist focus on molecular mechanisms to the psychology of the scientist and systemic and organizational factors that affect human judgment and decision-making.


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